How This New Skilled Labor Trend Could Affect Your Home Improvement Jobs

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Thanks to Covid-19, we have all been spending more time in our homes. To feel more comfortable, many homeowners have used this time to renovate their properties, which has increased the demand for skilled trades.

As a result, many workers that previously were employees of reputable companies have seen the opportunity to go off and do side jobs or start their own enterprises.

It may seem like an excellent way to get someone to do work at a reduced cost, or even more quickly than waiting for a company that has stood the test of time.

Unfortunately, many of the tradespeople who have just started may not know all the rules/regulations for doing work in their trade. In addition, they may not have proper insurance and WSIB, which is imperative to cover property owners if someone were to get hurt on the job, or ultimately if something went wrong on the project. 

It’s also likely that some of these companies that popped up during the recent building boom will disappear once the work is less plentiful. If issues get discovered and the business is no longer around, it could leave the property owner vulnerable as it would cost them additional funds to rectify problems.

It is so important to work with a well-established company that ensures the clients’ property is protected, with insurance coverage and WSIB, that knows the ins and outs of the trade and its regulations and has a labour force of expert staff with thorough knowledge of their particular industry. 

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