What is the hazard?

Guano (bird/bat droppings) and droppings from other animals can transmit serious fungal, bacterial or parasitic infections. Many of these are capable of being transmitted for a very long time after the animal has left the droppings (some up to 2 years). The risk is typically greater as the droppings dry out and have the potential to release the infectious material into the air. Often, the contamination cannot be seen as the infections agents can be spread by the animal walking on surfaces as well.

Cleanup of animal contaminants is extremely hazardous and can lead to extreme illness and in some cases can cause death. Please do not attempt to remove this material yourself.

What do I do if I have guano/animal contaminants?

Power Vac/Power Environmental can help you with arranging for any removal of these materials as necessary. All wildlife must be excluded prior to remediation. Contact our office and we will be happy to discuss the needs of your project.

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