Lead Paint

The most common cause for concern with lead in an indoor environment is with paint/surface coatings. Before 1950, lead-based paint was used on the inside and outside of buildings. It was used to make several colors including white, and was known to dry to a hard, durable surface. In 1976, Ottawa prohibited paint containing more than 0.5% lead. In 1977, US federal regulations banned lead from paint for general use. In Canada, in sharp contrast, little has been done to address this issue.

What do I do if I have lead paint/surface coatings?

Paints/surface coatings that have lead have the potential to generate significantly toxic lead dust. This lead dust can lead to exposure by ingestion/inhalation. These paints should never be removed except by a trained professional. Power Vac/Power Environmental can help you with arranging for any removal of these materials as necessary. Contact our office and we will be happy to discuss the needs of your project.

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