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Power Environmental/Power Vac Services

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Power Vac was established in Winnipeg in 1966 as a duct cleaning/general vacuuming company. Power Vac grew to become a national environmental contracting company with a network of independent offices from coast to coast.  Power Environmental Management and Power Environmental Contracting are subsidiaries of 708734 Ontario Limited (operating as Power Vac Services, Hamilton). We are industry leaders in addressing airborne and potential airborne contaminants in all types of industrial, commercial, institutional and residential facilities.

Our original duct cleaning/general vacuuming service is still very much an integral part of what we do. We are experts in this field. Because of our vast knowledge of vacuum systems. airflow and indoor contaminants, when hazardous materials removal started to have regulatory requirements, one of these requirements was for control of the air in the areas where work was taking place. Power Vac was regularly called upon to provide expertise in the asbestos abatement industry when it was in its infancy.

Power Environmental/Power Vac Services

Over the last three decades, Power Vac Services, Hamilton and Power Environmental have helped to refine the industry requirements for proper removal of hazardous substances. We offer full service contracting for removal of indoor hazardous materials. All projects are custom designed to suit the needs of each individual client and their goals, while also meeting all regulatory requirements.

Our mission, to you our client, is to provide exceptional service and solutions that make sense. We will help you achieve a healthy workplace or home environment. Our fully qualified and experienced staff is ready to serve you with whatever your project needs are, whether for duct cleaning, general vacuuming for commercial/industrial facilities, or hazardous materials removal such as asbestos, mould or lead.

Our Pollution Liability Insurance

We carry a $5,000,000 pollution liability insurance policy which covers environmental work such as asbestos & lead abatement contracting and mould & microbial remediation. We also carry a $5,000,000 contractor general liability insurance policy.